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JUST ADD CONTENT - TablePepper is the world's easiest and quickest way to customise your Facebook page with your menus, wine lists and specials.

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Social Masterchefs

You're getting the likes, but what are your fans learning about you? Give your customers what they want and let them discover all the mouthwatering dishes that have made you and your business so successful.

Time Saved

Control your menus on Facebook at the click of a button. Drag and drop. Customise your layout. Upload images and logos. Edit prices, and remove items whenever you want. It takes longer to pan fry a steak!

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Forget hiring coding experts. Raise a glass to saving money on your Facebook strategy. Our simple cost effective solution saves you more money to spend on what matters most, the best ingredients possible.

Scream & Shout

You're proud of your food, why wouldn’t you be? Don't hide your menus away, let your customers see the mouthwatering dishes on offer in just a few clicks, displayed directly in your Facebook page tabs. Let your customers SHARE and spread the word.

Don't worry about those who view your page on a mobile device. The menu tabs you create automatically generate custom web links. All bases covered? Done.


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Why TablePepper is different from competitors

TablePepper is the world’s first website allowing you to automatically install your menus as tabs on your fan page. No fiddling with complicated apps within Facebook. Our genius technology allows you to re-create your menus, and at the click of a button, they’ll appear on your fan page! It’s simple and as easy as making toast.


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